"You take a canvas, divide it up like a checkerboard... and go from there." - Man Ray

Jan Groover: Tilting at Space
Jan Groover: Tilting at Space
About the film
  • Year
  • Categories
  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Producers Tina Barney, Joelle D. Schon, Edgar Howard
  • Director Mark Trottenberg

Jan Groover is widely recognized as one of the preeminent fine arts photographers. Her work has been compared to that of Morandi, Cezanne, and Weston.

This film provides an intimate examination of her work and its progression from triptychs and still-lifes to her work in France. Images from Groover’s life and art are woven together with insights provided by her students, friends and colleagues, and her husband, the painter and art critic Bruce Boice.

Guided by her credo, “Formalism is Everything,” Groover uses her unique perspective of space, light, and form to imbue her photographs with a mystical quality.

“Working primarily with insignificant objects arrayed on a table top in her studio, Groover is able to fashion breathtaking images from little more than thin air… Like Cezanne, Groover makes pictures that are interesting not so much for the things they show us as for how they show us those things.” Andy Grundberg – Dean, Corcoran College of Art+Design.

“I can think of only one [younger photographer] whose work – for fecundity of invention and quality – invites comparison with that of Edward Weston, and that one is Jan Groover.” John Szarkowski, Director Emeritus, Department of Photography, Museum of Modern Art.

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