"You take a canvas, divide it up like a checkerboard... and go from there." - Man Ray

The Architecture of Gwathmey Siegel: In Search of Clarity
The Architecture of Gwathmey Siegel: In Search of Clarity
About the film
  • Year
  • Categories
  • Duration 45 minutes
  • Producers Edgar Howard, Alice Shure
  • Director Murray Grigor

Charles Gwathmey has held steadfast to the spirit of modernism in his architecture from the day he successfully built his parents’ home in 1967 based on the theories of Le Corbusier and American individualism.

Avoiding the nostalgia of fashionable postmodernism throughout the eighties, Gwathmey partnered with Robert Siegel, and their firm continues to create innovative houses, corporate, institutional and university buildings across America.

This documentary ranges from the deMenil villa on the dunes of Easthampton to their Guggenheim Museum addition.

We hear from such leading architects as Philip Johnson and Peter Eisenman, and from filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who describes how a journey through a Gwathmey Siegel house creates the same sense of drama as a well-made movie.

Principal Funding provided by The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation

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