"You take a canvas, divide it up like a checkerboard... and go from there." - Man Ray

Inventing Cornell Tech: The Vision
Inventing Cornell Tech: The Vision
About the film
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  • Duration 64 minutes
  • Producer Edgar Howard
  • Directors Edgar Howard, Thomas Piper

Ground has been broken on Roosevelt Island for New York City’s newest academic campus – the sustainable, high tech home of Cornell Tech, a radical reconception of graduate level engineering study for the information age. Over the next three years, a stunning complex of architecture and landscape will emerge – a unique hub of high tech research and entrepreneurial activity.

Before every great piece of architecture, there is a unique journey, and since 2013, Checkerboard has been documenting the journey of Cornell Tech as it rises on Roosevelt Island. This film tells the story of how political visionaries, educational innovators, architectural designers and philanthropic benefactors have come together to create something that will have an incredible impact on New York City for decades to come.

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