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Constantin Brancusi

On The Wings of Brancusi

Constantin Brancusi, innovator of modern sculpture, is celebrated and legendized in his influence of contemporary art. 

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Cornell Tech II

Cornell Tech II:

Architecture and Art


The Realization  

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Portrait of Roy Lichtenstein  The Brushstrokes of Roy Lichtenstein
Vladimir Kagan: A Life of Design

Vladimir Kagan: A Life of Design

Vladimir Kagan, furniture designer, artist and writer since the late 1940’s has had an important influence on Twentieth Century design.  

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Jack Youngerman: My Life in Art

Jack Youngerman: My Life in Art

Abstract artist Jack Youngerman has maintained a devoted, creative studio work schedule for nearly seven decades.  During the past two years, Checkerboard and Photographer Laurie Lambrecht have interviewed Youngerman about his fascinating life.  

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Checkerboard Film Foundation is a non-profit documentary film production company founded in 1979.

We document living artists who have made important contributions to the American arts. Our mission is educational and archival.

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Vladimir Kagan

Jack Youngerman

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