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Tina Barney
Mark Trottenberg


LISTED UNDER: Photography


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For the past eight decades, the photographs of Horst have been synonymous with elegance. While refining and updating his style, Horst retained the classical beauty that was the hallmark of his work.

This film, narrated by his dear friend, the late Valentine Lawford, is a study of the artist's work ranging from his society portraits of the 1930s to the fashion shots and interiors made for Vogue, House and Garden, Vanity Fair, and Architectural Digest as well as a treasury of travel photographs that were among Horst's most favorite and personal memoirs.

In a 1986 interview with the photographer at his Oyster Bay home, Horst is wittingly anecdotal and scathingly critical of the art world, the fashion world, and the world of politics.

Throughout his career, Horst incorporated imagery of classical sculpture, painting and architecture. These influences have evinced themselves in the architectonic style of his photographs and have made him the legend he remains today.

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