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Markets Served

New York City, National, International.

Audience Targets

Students (9th grade through graduate school) and adults (of all ages).

Our Mission

The Foundation’s educational mission is comprised of a three-tiered structure:

We distribute to university and public libraries across the U.S. and abroad. Our films are purchased by these institutions, either directly via our website or through third party distributors and made available to students both in the classroom as a teaching component or as an independent resource.

We work directly with museums worldwide to set up screenings in conjunction with exhibitions of work by artists we have profiled. These screenings are either installed as part of the exhibition or scheduled as a separate, but concurrent, activity via the museum’s education department. Additionally, museums stock our titles for sale in their gift shops.

Lastly, we distribute our titles directly to interested individuals and patrons of the arts; they are screened at film festivals, and broadcast on public and cable television.

Participating Institutions

Checkerboard Film Foundation is a non-profit documentary film production company founded in 1979.

We document living artists who have made important contributions to the American arts. Our mission is educational and archival.

Current Films In Production

Vija Celmins

Vladimir Kagan

Jack Youngerman

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